Chase Gideon Ace

Chase, Gideon, Coop, and Ace are specially trained beagles who know how to locate the scent of live bedbugs and viable eggs. They received their training from J&K Canine Academy, a National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) approved Training Facility in Florida, where they spent months learning to use their finely tuned noses.

Their training is similar to a bomb or drug detection dog, except they are trained to sniff out bedbugs to earn their rewards. They’re part of a team – certified by NESDCA and there’s no better way to determine where these pests are than NESDCA trained and certified canine bedbug detection teams.

Peter and Charlie

Our handlers, Peter, Charlie, and Jeanne have similar training. Many hours of training are required of each handler with each dog before they certify with NESDCA and are allowed on the job. All of our teams receive continuing education to keep their skills sharp.

Why NESDCA certification? NESDCA certification is the most difficult to pass. It’s as simple as that.

Bedbugs are invading and K-9 Bedbug Detection Services is here to help.

More Information about Chase, Gideon, and Ace’s Training and NESDCA standards: